Saturday, February 15, 2014

De-Orbit Burn

[Transmission begins:

While it's true that there are several areas of the X-PLORERS rules where I am dissatisfied by the author's choices, it should be noted that this is not meant as criticism by me and is only my own observation of my mental and emotional reaction to the rules as presented.  It should be noted that people have been and are continuing to play X-PLORERS as written since its release without any alteration or additional material and having a lot of fun.

I'll be dealing with each of these areas in turn on this blog, but not today.  Today I'm covering something very cosmetic in terms of the changes made to the rules set. One of the more interesting things the author did in X-PLORERS was to reduce the usual collection of character attributes from the more widely accepted six (Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma) to just four (Physique, Agility, Intelligence and Presence).

I like that part; my problem is with the names chosen for those attributes.  I just don’t find them to be particularly memorable nor thematic. So my first alteration to X-PLORERS is therefore entirely cosmetic.  I’m renaming those attributes and referring to them in all future posts as Brains (BRN), Brawn (BRW), Quickness (QKN) and Charisma (CHR).  You may be thinking those choices aren't any better and possibly consider them even worse, but they work for me and that’s what counts.

Cosmetic changes, get it?
Up next: Talking about classes

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