Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Meet The Spacer

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The Scout class was another example of the puzzling skill spread. Basically a thief rogue with vehicle skills. For me the scout has always been about the space explorer in sci-fi, and to explore space you need to be able to travel through it. So for my revision of X-PLORERS I re-made the Scout as the Spacer, the class essential for space travel.


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Spacers can be important members of any mission team and their spacecraft skills are essential if the team has access to their own spacecraft.  Additional vehicle skills and some overlap with the Technician class keeps the Scout from becoming a niche class.

The skills for a Spacer character are:

  • Astronomy (BRN) is the study of space and the objects found in it and provides an understanding of the formation and function of nuclear stellar furnaces, nebulae, black holes, and even space-time itself.  Successful use of this skill can locate a lost spacecraft, analyze an unknown phenomenon, plot a warp jump, determine how long a star has before going nova, the hazard presented by asteroids to shipping lanes, plot gravitational disruptions.  If it affects space-time or travel through it Astronomy can unravel the details.

  • Astronautics (BRN) covers the knowledge necessary to operate and repair aerospace vehicles, covering everything from simple light airplanes to complex spacecraft and their shuttles.  Successful skill checks allow for orbital or docking maneuvers, stopping a tumble, bypassing burnt out power relays, restarting reactors.

  • Zero-G (QKN) represents a character’s ability to compensate for the difficulties of moving and working in a zero- or micro-gravity environment.  Skill checks are required for EVAs, overcoming zero-gee sickness, recovering from impacts or spins, and using rocketpacks for mobility.

  • An elective skill selected from any of the other classes available in the game.

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Up next, the Trooper (revised Soldier) class.

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